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5 Essential Beauty Tips for Brides before the Wedding

The wedding is a big day for the bride, and she must be the center of attraction. That means her makeup and skin should be flawless. Below are some of the essential beauty tips for Brides before the wedding; 

1. Water 

Water work wonders for all skin types. Ensure that drink a minimum of a 8 glasses of water daily. Remember that the aim is to hydrate the skin as much as possible. 

2. Get Fruit Nourishment

You can supplement drinking water by eating watermelon regularly. Watermelon contains 92% water, Vitamin A, B6 and C that helps in maintaining a flawless skin. Also, try other fruits like grapes. Vegetables such as broccoli and lettuce are essential for healthy skin. 

3. Get in Shape

You want to look like the next top American model during your wedding day! Getting a flat tummy and toned body is the only way to look like a top model and perfectly fit in your wedding dress. Join a gym and lose the extra pounds. You need to start the fitness plan at least six months to your wedding. 

4. Diet is of essence

Look at your diet and avoid taking too much coffee or soda. Taking green tea a day doesn’t hurt, does it? Well, you can also try eating fresh fruits and salads. Keep off fried food such as French fries for a perfect, flawless skin. You want people to leave a lasting memory about your wedding day. 

5. Face Masks

Try out natural homemade face masks by mixing ingredients such as turmeric, honey, lemon. Honey is a moisturizing ingredient that tends to be gentle and ideal for all skin types. It eliminates acne, treat skin tanning and make your skin glow. A honey bath sounds like a pretty much good idea... apply honey on the whole body and bath after 20 minutes. The results are a smooth, glowing skin. You can mix with lemon juice to lighten dark spots!

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